5 Things Your Photographer Wants You To Know


September 29, 2020

If we’re being honest, before I was a photographer, I made every client “mistake” in the book. I’m sharing a list of things I learned once I became a photographer to help you avoid the mistakes I made. Understanding these 5 things will make your photography experience so much smoother and more enjoyable!

Contracts are meant to be read // You may think that the contract your photographer sends you is just a formality to protect you from worst-case scenarios, which it is. However, it also has lots of important information about your specific session such as session start time, gallery delivery method, cancellation policy, and much more. Be sure to read through the entire contract so you know exactly what the rest of the experience will look like!

Where you print your photos matters // I am completely guilty of this one! When I got married, our photographer (who is one of my closest friends) gifted us two absolutely beautiful prints of our favorite wedding photos. I wanted to print two more on my own to create a gallery wall in my living room and so I decided to print them at…you guessed it, the local drug store. It may seem like a no-brainer to choose the $5 prints that the drug store or grocery store offers instead of paying higher prices to print directly through your photographer, but I promise you the difference in quality will be extreme! Take it from me and trust your professional photographer to provide you with the highest quality prints of your photos.

Know your turnaround time beforehand // One of the most common questions photographers receive after photo sessions is “Are my photos ready yet?” Even though this is an innocent question, it is so much better to know your photographer’s turnaround time beforehand! Your photographer never wants to delay your gallery delivery, but the truth is that they may have dozens of other sessions or weddings in line waiting to be edited before yours. If it is important to you that you receive your photos back within a certain amount of time, be open with your photographer about this before booking your session!

Editing ≠ Filters // This is one of my favorites because it is one that I hear so often and it always gives me a good laugh! I have been told my fair share of times that someone likes the “filter” on my photos. While I know that people always mean this as a compliment, it is a funny thing to tell a professional photographer! I, along with many other photographers, manually edit every single photo that I deliver or post. This means looking at every little portion of a photo and adjusting white balance, exposure, color saturation, tone curve, and lots of other elements! So just know that your photographer spends lengthy amounts of time fine-tuning every single image in your gallery- no filters needed 🙂

Photographers have different styles // When choosing a photographer, it is so important that you love the style of photos that they offer. Photographers’ styled can vary greatly; for example, my style is bright and warm with timeless, true-to-life colors, but another photographer may create darker, more vintage or higher contrast photos. Make sure that you love your photographer’s unique style because that is the style that they have invested time, energy and money into perfecting!

I hope that these mistakes and tips made you giggle the way they did for me, but more importantly I hope that they will help your future photography experiences to be much more enjoyable and stress-free!

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I'm Miranda, a coastal photographer based in Charleston, SC! I believe in documenting the real love stories of kindhearted people through bright, timeless imagery and a joyful, simplified experience!

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