Top Photo Worthy Spots in Charleston


November 11, 2020

The first time I visited Charleston, I was equal parts smitten and overwhelmed. Charleston and the surrounding lowcountry are absolutely beautiful, but it can easily feel like there are too many things to see and do in one trip, especially a weekend trip. Today I’m breaking down the most iconic photo-worthy spots that you can’t miss when visiting Charleston!

Rainbow Row // Rainbow Row is the kind of place that makes its way onto people’s bucket lists without them even knowing where it is. The brightly-colored houses are so memorable and picturesque, and they actually span several blocks! Take a stroll down this peaceful street to see the intricacies of each home, but be mindful of the fact that they are private residences with people living in them!

Pineapple Fountain // Once you’ve spent some time on Rainbow Row, head toward the water and you’ll land in Waterfront Park, the home of the Pineapple Fountain! The fountain stands as a symbol of Charleston’s hospitality and has become a very popular photo op. You may be surprised to find that people are actually allowed to get in the fountain and splash around!

Ravenel Bridge // Depending on where you’re driving in from, you may get to cross the Ravenel Bridge as you enter Charleston. The bridge is huge and has a breathtaking view of the Harbor, making it a great first stop on your Charleston trip! I also recommend driving a few minutes past the base of the bridge to Patriots’ Point for a panoramic view of the bridge!

Angel Oak // Just south of downtown Charleston on John’s Island is the stunning Angel Oak Tree. It is nearly impossible to put the beauty and magnitude of this centuries-old oak tree into words or even photos- you just have to see it! I recommend going in the morning when the lighting is still glowy, and then grabbing breakfast at Sunrise Bistro just a few minutes away!

Cypress Gardens // You may have seen some of my posts from sessions I have done at Cypress Gardens (here and here), but it is definitely worth mentioning again! I absolutely love this place! From darling bridges and gazebos to endless spanish moss-covered trees, it really is such a calming and peaceful place to spend an afternoon. To make it even better, you are welcome to use the rowboats for as long as you’d like at no additional cost! If you’re lucky, you might even spot an alligator or two 😉

I hope this helps you to feel a little bit less overwhelmed when deciding what to do in Charleston! The truth is, this post only scrapes the surface of all that there is to do and see in Charleston. But hey, that’s all the more reason to visit again, right?

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