Folly Beach Sunset Portraits


March 25, 2021

This Folly Beach portrait session was a dream. No, really, I mean it! Everything about this session from the location to the weather and lighting to the sweet new friend I got to photograph made this session one that will be hard to top!

Alexandra was such a pleasure to work with and was so willing to go the extra mile for great images (think sitting in the ocean in February and smiling through the cold!). I truly enjoyed getting to meet her and laughing and chatting away throughout her session!

Beach photography is by far my favorite type of photography, but if I’m being honest, it’s no easy feat! The beach can be one of the most unpredictable places to shoot because of things like wind, harsh light, salty air that creates fog on camera lenses, and lots of people/objects in the background. However, working through all of those challenges is worth every bit of effort once you see the dreamy, glowy goodness that golden hour on the beach creates for your photos!

As you look through this gallery, take note of how the light totally changes as the sun approaches the horizon. The first and last few photos look like they could have been from two completely different days, yet they were only taken about a half hour apart! As a photographer, I have had to train myself to make the absolute most of the last 30-45 minutes before the sun dips below the water. This means getting creative with my posing and constantly adjusting my camera settings on the fly to compensate for the changing light. I think the results are truly amazing, and I hope you do too!

A beach sunset portrait session in Folly Beach South Carolina

Thanks for stopping by to see this stunning gallery! Tell me, do you prefer the beginning images with the brighter light, or the ending ones with the peachy golden light? I’m team golden light all the way!

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I'm Miranda, a coastal photographer based in Charleston, SC! I believe in documenting the real love stories of kindhearted people through bright, timeless imagery and a joyful, simplified experience!

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